Terahertz registering system TRS-16



The electronic unit TRS-16 consists of two main parts: delay line control and registration. It has possibility to control two delay lines: fast and slow. Fast delay line allows real time data acquisition with 10 spectra/sec. speed. Additional slow delay line extends scan window from 116 ps to 928 ps or more; as a result system obtains excellent spectral resolution of f<1,2 GHz or better.

The registration part has embedded 16 bit analog to digital converter, operational preamplifier and the THz emitter bias modulator.

Also it can apply bias from 20 to 85 V DC to the photoconductive THz emitter and ± 12 V DC for the operational preamplifier (included into the kit).


The fast scan delay line is designed without bearings and uses a magnetically coupled drive which makes it extremely reliable and significantly extends the lifetime. Use of the optical linear encoder ensures the extremely low jitter, thus registering system can achieve high dynamic range up to 90 dB.


Main unit
Analog to digital converter: 16 bit
Operational preamlifier conversion coeficient: not less than 106
Main unit dimensions: 230*170*55 mm (L*W*H)
*Preamplifier head is equipped with SMA connector that is matched with Teravil THz detector holder connector.
Delay stage
Delay stage dimensions: 214*120*75 mm (L*H*W)
Maximum scan window: 116 ps
Speed: 10 Hz (116 ps scan window)


Real-time Analysis Software

THz Spectrometer 2D

The THz registering system kit comes with dedicated software capable to:

- register THz signal, calculate FFT spectrum, absorbance and transmittance (10 times/sec.);

- make a raster scan image using standard stepper motor XY stage (standard scan area 24x24 mm, but no any restrictions to use bigger XY stages). Standard stepper motor driving technique is used;

- find the absorption, transmission, index of refraction and thickness of the sample in transmission and reflection modes(post time analysis, the calculation speed is limited by the computer capabilities);

- THz signal continuous data-flow recording;

Fig. 2 Raster scanning with Spectrometer 2D software.

Fig. 3 Continious data-flow recording.

Post-time Analysis Software*

THz Data Analyzer

THz Data Analyzer is designed for the post time THz data analysis. It is capable to process huge amount of data files and show time-dependent data in a single Waterfall diagram. User can select the area of interest and process it using Graphical User Interface (GUI) only. The standard set includes all DSP modules from THz Spectrometer 2D software.

With THz Data Analyzer you can:

-Review all the data files combined in a single Waterfall diagram.

-Manage the data. Select data area of interest and copy to another data file.

-Export data from selected data area to text or binary file.

-Apply Max, Average, Min or customer-specific data processing functions to selected data area.

-Find absorption, transmission, index of refraction and thickness of the sample at certain time values.

-Find time-dependence of absorption, transmission, index of refraction and thickness of the sample.

Also, you can order customized data processing modules.

Fig. 3 THz Data Analyzer view

*Not included into TRS-16 kit