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THz detector amplifier is designed to amplify weak detector signals up to measurable level. Amplifier's input circuit is based on ultra-sensitive LT1055 op. amp. thus allowing to amplify a few hundreds of pA current signals from the detector's output.

Standart Specifications

Absolute maximum ratings
Supply voltage ± 16 V
Input Voltage ± 16 V
Output Short-Circuit Duration Indefinite
 Typical electrical characteristics T=25oC, Vss=±15V
Parameter Min Max Units
Gain (DC-100 kHz)* 39 41 dB
Supply Voltage (recommended) ± 12 ± 16 V
Supply Current 2 5 mA
Input Resistance 1011 1012 Ohm
Input Capacitance 8.8 10 pF
Power Supply Rejection Ratio 80 100 dB
Output Impedance 100 100 Ohm
*Preamplifier head is equipped with SMA connector that is matched with Teravil THz detector holder connector.

Gain vs Frequency

Other features

Amplifier has a manually adjustable DC bias compensation. This allows to compensate DC current, produced by THz detector.

Recommended load impedance should be 1 kOhm or higher.


Amplifier is available in an aluminum case with 1.2 m length power supply cable and SMA connectors (SMA plug on input, SMA jack on output) or as a bulk PCB module. Available gain values: 10, 20, 30, 40 dB.

 Ordering information
Orderable device Gain, dB Case
TRS-AMP-AL-40 40 @ DC-100 kHz Aluminum
TRS-AMP-AL-30 30 @ DC-250 kHz Aluminum
TRS-AMP-AL-20 20 @ DC-500 kHz Aluminum
TRS-AMP-AL-10 10 @ DC-1000 kHz Aluminum
TRS-AMP-PCB-40 40 @ DC-100 kHz -
TRS-AMP-PCB-30 30 @ DC-250 kHz -
TRS-AMP-PCB-20 20 @ DC-500 kHz -
TRS-AMP-PCB-10 10 @ DC-1000 kHz -